AJ Automated Parking Systems always leads Smart Parking Business based on own technology and the best quality.
Specialized Technology
Specialized Technology
Automated production process
90% of production process such as cutting and drilling has automatized by applying cutting edge technology such as robot welding, and Geochang factory has been designated as a ‘Smart Factory’ in November 2017 and credited for its technology. (Ministry of Science, ICT and Future Planning)
High-Quality Shot Blast
Shot Blast has been applied on the pallet(only we can provide it in Korea.). 60~80% of early damage painting effect from inadequate surface process. Therefore, Shot Blast process makes the surface clear by using Shot Ball, extend the lifespan of the pallet 2~3 years more comparing with other companies.
Before Shot Blast
After Shot Blast
Safe Slope Pallet (110-Degree Pallet)
Unlike regular 90° pallet, 110° slope makes entry and exit convenient. In case of 110° pallet, it minimizes the wheel damage and driver could park and retrieve a vehicle safely and comfortably due to its wide entrance. (110°pallet is applied to every type currently.)
Vehicle Fall Prevention System
It prevents falling vehicle when it is not ready to a vehicle enter.
It is unique technology by only AJ Automated Parking Systems, we guarantee the best safety by blocking falling vehicles.
You can make user feel comfortable and safe by making the notice board that you applied this system at parking lot outside and entrance.
When it is ready to park the car
When it is not ready to park a vehicle
Automated Entry-Exit system (RFID / License Plate recognition)
The installation cost of RF system of AJ Automated Parking Systems is much cheaper than regular license plate recognition and it is easy and fast to enter a vehicle just by pressing the button once or twice after parking. It could fundamentally solve the problem occurring from miss-typing vehicle number, and it is very efficient and easy to operate as the payment is available by RFID card, Touch Screen and mobile App.
Vibration & Noise Reduction Option
Reduces noise over 20~30%and provides pleasant environment through application of premium German motor and low-noise &high-strength roller
Regenerative Power System
Saving power by recycling regenerative energy transferred from Motor through Regen Drive
Vehicle Position Guide System
When a vehicle enters, the entry angle and tire location are indicated in a large LED monitor instead of simple LED text.It reduces entry & exit time and makes user feel comfortable and convenient.
Smart Maintenance
You can prevent the errors, minimized is patch time, manage and maintain the system efficiently and at cost aspect through the parking system inspection based on 24 hours integrated management monitoring.
Premium Interior Design
You can make the various interior design and advertisement and improve parking environment by applying Premium interior.
Also, it could bring the profits from the advertisement and grow using rate on the parking system.
Automated inspection system
Steel frame is inspected by camera method, it could make the rate of defectives with 0% and guarantee stable and good quality.