Privacy Statements
Privacy Statements of AJ Automated Parking Systems Co.,Ltd.
AJ Automated Parking Systems (hereinafter referred to as ‘Company’) shall establish and open the Privacy Statements as follows to protect the personal information of “Person identifiable with information processed and the subject of the information” (hereinafter referred to as ‘Information Subject’) and to process the issues related to personal information quickly and smoothly in accordance with Article 30 of 「Privacy Act」.
[Article 1]
Purpose for Personal Information Processing
  1. Company collects and processes the personal information for the following purposes. The processed personal information will not be used for the purpose other than the original intention. In change of usage purpose, the company will take appropriate measures by getting separate consent in accordance with Article 18 of Privacy Act.
  2. Personal information is processed for following purposes.
    - Processing of customer’s e-mail inquiry
    - Processing of report from Cyber Ethical Management Center
    - Processing of record related to contract, payment, and customer dispute
[Article 2]
Personal Information Processing and Retention Period
Personal information will be held until the completion of processing on customer’s e-mail inquiry, report from Cyber Ethical Management Center, and new partnership suggestion. The records related to contract, payment, and customer dispute will be stored separately in accordance with related legislations.
[Article 3]
Provision of Personal Information to 3rd Party
Company processes the personal information collected from this processing guide based on the range specified in Article 1 (Purpose for Personal Information Processing). Company provides the collected personal information only when the information applies to Article 17 of 「Privacy Act」 under the consent of Information Subject and special regulations.
[Article 4]
Method of Consent on Personal Information Collection and Utilization
  1. When collecting personal information, Company informs the user on purpose of personal information collection, retention period, provision to the third party, and consigned items. After informing the user, Company gets consent or notifies through Privacy Statements.
  2. To consent on Company’s collection of personal information, provision to the third party, and consignment of handling works, the users may select one of the following ways.
    - Click on ‘I Agree’ button or sign through separate process in Company home page
    - Direct consent by calling call center or other telephones. Checking Privacy Statements posted on home page ( and expressing consent over the phone.
[Article 5]
Method for Executing Rights and Duty of Information Subject
  1. Information Subject (Refers to legal representative when the subject is under 14) may execute rights related to personal information protection in any time as follows.
    - Request on reading personal information
    - Request on correction for error
    - Request on deletion
    - Request on stopping processing
  2. Information Subject may execute rights specified in Paragraph 1 through writing, telephone, e-mail and FAX and the Company will take immediate measures.
  3. When Information Subject requests correction on error or deletion of personal information, Company will not use or provide the personal information until the personal information is corrected or deleted.
  4. Information Subject may execute rights specified in Paragraph 1 through legal representative or delegated person. In this case, Information Subject must submit power of attorney in compliance to the Form No.11 attached in enforcement ordinance of Privacy Act.
  5. Information Subject shall not violate related legislations such as Privacy Act and shall not violate own personal information, other’s personal information, and privacy.
[Article 6]
Installation and Operation of Automatic Personal Information Collection System and Items Regarding Denial
  1. Company may install and operate cookie to store and find customer information through Internet service provided in the home page. Cookie refers to a tiny text file. Web server sends cookie to web browser and the cookie is returned upon the additional request from the server. When the user access to the website, Company reads the cookie information in the user’s browser and searches the additional information to provide service without additional entry of access information. The user may consent or deny the collection of personal information through cookie based on the web browser’s security policy.
  2. Company may only collect name, e-mail address, and contracts through cookie and Company will not collect other information. Personal information collected through cookie may be used for following purposes.
    - Tracking of contents that user is interested in and providing customized service in the next access
    - Analyzing user’s habit and utilizing as standard for improving service
    - Utilizing for data related to home page re-organization
[Article 7]
Processing Personal Information Items
Company collects and processes personal information as follows.
  1. For processing customer inquiry
    - Name
    - Contact
    - Company
    - E-Mail
  2. For processing reports from Cyber Ethical Management Center
    - Name
    - E-Mail
[Article 8]
Disposal of Personal Information
  1. Company immediately disposes of personal information when personal information is not necessary after expiration of personal information retention period or completing the processing purpose
  2. When personal information needs be preserved in accordance with other legislation after the consented retention period or accomplishing the processing purpose, Company transfers the personal information to separate database or store information in difference place.
  3. Personal information will be disposed as follows.  
    - Disposal Process: Company selects personal information with reason for disposal and disposes the personal information within 5 days after getting approval from person in charge of personal information protection in accordance with Article 10 of this disposal guide.

    - Disposal Method: Company disposes personal information recorded and saved as electronic file by using low level format to prevent regeneration of the personal information. Personal information recorded and saved on paper document will be disposed by shattering with shredder or by incinerating.
[Article 9]
Measures for Securing Personal Information Safety
Company takes following measures to secure the safety of personal information.
  1. Administrative Measure : Establishment and execution of internal management plan, regular employee training
  2. Technical Measures : Management of access to Personal Information Processing System, installation of access control system, encryption of identification information, installation of security program
  3. Physical Measure : Control access to computer room and data room
[Article 10]
Person in Charge of Personal Information Protection
  1. Company assigns the person in charge of personal information protection as follows. The person in charge of personal information protection will hold general responsibility on processing of personal information, handle the Information Subject’s complaints on processing of personal information, and relieve the damages.
    Person in Charge of Personal Information Protection
     - Name : Kim Jae Il
     - Position : Head of Strategy & Planning Div.
    Department in Charge of Personal Information Protection
     - Department Name : DT Team
     - Person in Charge : Team Head, Jung Byung Hee
     - Contact : Tel 02-6420-7593 / Fax 02-6420-7510 / Email
  2. Information Subject may make inquiry related to personal information protection, handling of complains, and damage remedy to person in charge of personal information protection and department in charge. Company will take immediate measures on inquiry of Information Subject.
[Article 11]
Request on Personal Information Reading
In regard to request on reading the personal information in accordance with Article 35 of Privacy Act, Information Subject may request on the following departments. Company will try its best to help Information Subject to read personal information within a short time.
  1. Department in Charge ofPersonal Information Reading
    - Department Name : DT Team
    - Person in Charge : Team Head, Jung Byung Hee
    - Contact : Tel 02-6420-7593 / Fax 02-6420-7510 / Email
[Article 12]
Remedy for Infringement on Rights and interests
Information Subject may make inquiry on damage remedy and counselling for infringement of personal information to following institutes.
Following institutes are not related to Company and Information Subject may make inquiry on the institutes when needing detailed help or getting unsatisfactory result from Company’s personal information complaint handling and damage remedy result.
  1. Center for Reporting Personal Information Infringement
    (Operated by Korea Internet and Security Agency)
    - Works in Charge : Report of personal information infringement, application of counseling
    - Home Page :
    - Phone Number : (No area code) 118
    - Address : (58324) KISA, 3F, Jinheung-gil 9, Naju-si, Jeonnam
  2. Personal Information Dispute Mediation Committee
    - Works in Charge : Application of personal/collective information dispute mediation, (Civil remedy)
    - Home Page :
    - Phone Number : 1833-6972
    - Address : (03171) 4F, Government Complex-Seoul, 209, Sejong-dae-ro, Jongno-gu, Seoul
  3. Supreme Prosecutors’ Office, Department of Cyber Investigation
    - Phone Number : (No area code) 1301
    - Home Page :
  4. National Police Agency, Department of Cyber Safety
    - Phone Number : (No area code) 182
    - Home Page :