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parking system & solution.
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30 Years of Accumulated Experience
Based on Wide Range of Worldwide Projects.
Strong Leadership Ranked Top Penetration in Korean Market &
Extensive Global Project Performance over 40 Countries.
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Company Track Record
The 1st ranked automated
parking system & the only
autoparking solution
provider in Korean market.
Global projects in 40
countries over 170 projects.
The longest legacy in Korean
automated parking industry
Company Information
Tower Type
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At the entrance of the system, your car is loaded into steel pallet which is being moved by lifting cage vertically through the elevator rail and your car (on the steel pallet) is parked into each storage shed at each floor layers and this system is commonly called ‘Parking Tower’.
Cart Type
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The carrying device which is called ‘Lift & Cart’ carry cars simultaneously in multiple directions by horizontal & vertical movement through elevator & cart rail.
Multi-Layer Circulation
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This system is designed to park a car by horizontal pallet movement located in the middle of the system at each layers & vertical double lifts movement located in both side ends. Multi-layer system has two typical type varies by the entrance position which are top loading type & direct loading type.
Rotary Type
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Often called Rotary Type, It is designed to put a car into parking cage which is rotating up & down, right & left. It is so simple to use and so easy & quick to install, disjoint and re-install in narrow space.
Robot Type
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This type is similar to cart type but has no pallet and the ‘Robot’ lifts car up & down and parks or retrieves car into/from the parking zone structured by concrete slab. It requires much less amount of steel enables you to spend less cost for the system & installation.
Puzzle Type
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This system has multi levels and rows in designated & limited quadrangle space, the carrying pallet moves up and down, left and right and it seems like to be solving a cube puzzle, so it is generally called ‘Puzzle Type’.
System & Solution
Monitoring Center
We monitor our sites & systems 7/24,
Check our remote monitoring Center
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Maintenance & Repair
Regular & pre check up process for stable system performance & longer lifespan of the system
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24/7 Custormer Service Network
Information on 22 nationwide 24/7 customer service network
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System performance improvement for old type, aged & worn out system.
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We welcome any inquiry,
request, partnership, etc.
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